How to naturally think about your Goals 20x More a week Without burning yourself out

The new year is upon us and like most of the population they’re getting ready to make one thing…
Goals.. or aka New Years Resolutions
But there is one little problem that everyone knows..
Most people start the year with good intentions and a strong start but end up falling flat sooner than expected.
But Why is that?..
I believe its either 1 or 2 things..
1) Lack of a Specific goal
2) No reminder of the goal
So today I want to break down in 3 steps how you can spend 20 minutes, get a goal and think about them 20x more a week, all year long.
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PS: I’ve used this strategy and it has changed my natural thinking habits into more productive thinking!
Enter “The Billboard Formula”
What is a Billboard?  According to Wiki its a “large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads”. 
Why? Because they grab your attention no matter how fast your’re going. Life can be fast so you need a billboard.

No im not asking you to rent a $75-$10,000 Billboard a month to put your goals on.

But I do suggest you make a mini version, one that will cost you a fraction of the cost!

Are you ready?… Lets go..

Step 1: Write down your Goals: Define your Dream and find your Why.
This may seem like a no brainer but really 90% of people who tell me about their ideas and goals that they want accomplish, don’t do this. Some think just trying to remember in their head is enough, but its not…So grab a sheet of paper and lets do this! .
The trick is you have to be specific.. Generalities don’t work.
For example a common comment from people that I get a lot is “This year im going to be successful” or “This year im going to lose some weight” or “This year im going to start a business” or “This year I want to increase my social media followers” ..
Those generalities are cool but your definition of “successful” could be different from my “successful”.
Define your Dream and put a time on it.
What would “more successful” actually look like?  Just take a second to imagine it and write it down, but use specifics.
You want to “lose some weight?”..How many specific pounds and where? How soon?
You want to “start a business?”.. What kind of business? How soon is that possible? 
You want to “increase your social following?”.. How many would make you happen and in what amount of time?
Give yourself something you can commit to. 
Find your why
A lot of times we skip this step of writing it down, its not intentional, sometimes we just think we already know why or we think we don’t need to.  

Find your REAL reason for your goal.  Go deeper, and after you do.. Go deeper!  I like to go 3 times deep if possible.  Here are some questions to ask yourself.. 
Why do you want to (Your Goal)? = A
Why do you want to do (A)?= B
Why do you want to do (B)? = Real Reason
Write the real reason why down!  Try to be as specific as possible.  For example:
Why do you want to (start a music business)? = Because I will have more money.
Why do you want to (have more money)?= So I won’t struggle and can afford to buy what I want.
Why do you need to (buy what you want)= So I can be the man and gain more respect from my wife.
Sometimes it wont make exact sense but your reasons are your reasons. 
Goal=Specific outcome you desire
Why= Real Reason for wanting it
Goal + Why= Motivation
Bonus tip: Include pictures of what the success of your goal would look like.
Using your goal and your time frame, now break your goal down into 30 day goal segments.
Very Important!

This will allow you to digest your goal into something manageable

Step 2: Put your Main and 30 day goals on a Giant board.

So you have your specific goal, now its time to put it to work. 

This is where the Billboard comes in. You will want to get something big to write your goals on. I put mine on a large dry erase board like this:

I believe I bought my dry erase board from Walmart for about $20.  But im sure you can find them at Target, Hobby Lobby, or any other store that sells crafts or office supplies.
Make sure you transfer your goals, reasons and pictures!
Step 3: Place Board in Personal High Traffic Area.

Remember in the beginning of this post we defined a billboard as a “large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high-traffic areas…”.

So that is exactly what you want to do.  Your goals Billboard doesn’t have to be in a public area but instead in an area that you visit frequently.
Depending on your living situation this could be:
Living room
Once you find a spot that you visit frequently, hang the board.
This alone will get you thinking about your goal a lot more and even spark up some conversations just like a real billboard..
But you’re not done yet…
Next type up a mini version of your 30 day goals and put them on a half or whole sheet of paper and place them in personal high traffic areas also!
Next to light switch
I recommend choosing just 3 areas to start with to see how it goes.
Bonus: You could even take a picture of your goals and set it as your background to your phone.
Its your goals and dreams, how dedicated are you to accomplishing them?
Before on average I thought about all my goals maybe 3 times a week, but now I naturally think about them at least 7 times a day..that’s at least 49 times a week!  A 20x increase!
Update your goals every 30 days!
Now that I’ve given you the strategy, how will you implement it?
Its almost common knowledge the more you think about a goal, the more action you will take.
The time is NOW! Don’t wait until Jan 1st. You can’t get time back.

If you’ve made it this far, you are serious about your business. 
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Let me know how it works out for you, comment below or you can email me..